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  • Personal information


  • Country of citizenship


  • contacting information


  • Email address


  • City and country where you are currently residing


  • Telephone number


  • Education


  • Education level


  • Doctorate / master degree


  • Bachelor degree involving equivalent of a least 3 years full time studies


  • 3-years equivalent full time studies / training leading to a diploma, trade cert. Or apprenticeship


  • 2-years equivalent full time studies / training leading to a diploma


  • years equivalent full time studies / training leading to a diploma high school



  • Major complete


  • Yes


  • No


  • In progress



  • Year of completion






  • Occupation


  • Give details of your current and past occupation(s), or use this space to paste a detailed resume.


  • Your business experience in the past five years


  • What is your current net worth in Canadian or us currency?


  • Name of company


  • Your position with the company


  • Type of business activity or product


  • Amount of equity in the company that belonged to you (percentage)


  • Total annual sales


  • Annual net income


  • Net assets at year end


  • How much investment you are planning for Canada immigration?


  • Cad $ 120, 000 to $ 150,000 

  • Cad $ 150,000 to $ 500,000

  • Cad $ 500,000 and above


  • Official Languages


  • English

  • No Knowledge

  • Basic

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced Native Speaker


  • French

  • No Knowledge

  • Basic

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced Native Speaker




  • Additional information


Enter and miscellaneous comments here. For example:


  • Special mentions


2. Prior applications for Canadian permanent resident status;


3.Medical issues


4.Criminality issues


I have carefully reviewed and agree to the booking policy and all of the following terms and conditions



Booking Policy:  ​​​​ *Terms and Conditions


Purpose of Free Consultation is:


- Assess basic eligibility

- Assist with choosing best Program

- Assist with choosing best Service


Free Consultation Doesn't include:


- Case specific questions

- Document review

- Assistance with Paperwork



Motion Immigration reserves the right to decline request for free consultation. The reasons may include:


- More than one free consultation request.

- Previously missed consultation without 24h notice.

- Motion Immigration is unable to provide the service requested.

- Based on data provided applicant is not eligible for requested program.

- Application was submitted or is currently in progress.

- Client requires no assistance, just a 15-min free consultation.


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